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Ship-Kits Management Services


We are here to provide one-stop solution for Global Ship-Kit Management.

Throughout the years, we have proven to customers that we are able to be mobilized within a short notice of time, on non-stop 24 hours basis, for supplying of full range of ship-kits to vessels. We also assist customers to manage their ship-kits collected in Singapore and Hong Kong.

For reefer malfunction onboard and cannot be solved or requires further assistance,  Vessel will email malfunction report to 24hr Technical Hotline Support. Technical Hotline Support team will provide technical assistance to vessel and coordinate for shore assistance at nearby port if needed.

Meanwhile, we will provide the various reports for you to do the analysis and understand better on your equipment.

  • Parts Replenishment
    Indicate parts top-up history.
  • Parts Usage
    Indicate parts usage for each vessel.
  • Machinery
    Analyze parts failure rate, for different machine.


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